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PicoWay Laser Technology

Tattoo Regret

According to a recent survey, 28% of people with tattoos suffer from tattoo regret.  Whether it’s because the tattoo didn’t turn out as envisioned, or the meaning behind the tattoo is no longer relevant, or you just want to replace the old tattoo with a new tattoo, you are not alone!

Global Tattoo Survey Results. Dalia Research. April 2018. Available at:


Technology for laser tattoo removal has come a long way recently!  It has been shown that PicoSecond Laser Technology (PicoWay) can remove an unwanted tattoo with up to 50% fewer treatments than the old Q-Switched Laser Technology. At Morphd Laser Tattoo Removal & Facial Rejuvenation in St. Louis, Missouri we use state of the art PicoWay laser technology to target the ink in your unwanted or bad tattoo and destroy the ink particles so your body can flush them out. Treatments take only a few minutes and downtime is minimal. 


At Morphd Laser Tattoo Removal & Facial Rejuvenation in St. Louis, Missouri, we are seeing great results with our new PicoWay laser!  We strive to achieve great results with every unique patient in a professional, knowledgeable and caring environment.  We have been removing tattoos for over five years and have treated hundreds of patients.  Our technology and expertise are unmatched in the St. Louis area! 


Mary Covington Owner, Morphd Laser Tattoo Removal & Facial Rejuvenation

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