Microblading Mishap?

Microblading Mishap?

In the past decade, the popularity of microblading has exploded!  Microblading is used to create, enhance, or reshape the appearance of eyebrows in terms of both shape and color.  The microblading technique can be used in combination with shading techniques in order to create the most appealing result for each unique client preference and skin type.  

Unfortunately, sometimes the end result is not necessarily what the client had envisioned-- but now there are laser removal options available, very similar to the laser tattoo removal process.  Because microblading is a cosmetic procedure, the ink is not deposited as deeply into the dermis as a traditional tattoo would be applied and a different type of ink (cosmetic) is used.  However, the same principles that are used for laser tattoo removal can be applied to remove permanent cosmetic tattoos.  

At Morphd, we use state of the art PicoWay Laser Technology to treat and remove the unwanted microblading or shading. This technology is safe for all skin types and will not disrupt the existing hair follicles.  Call or text today to book your free consultation and reverse your microblading mishap!  

Visit www.Morphd.net to view our in progress and results pictures. 

Mary Covington Owner, Morphd Laser Tattoo Removal & Facial Rejuvenation

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