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The experienced certified laser technicians at Morphd offer personalized treatment plans for laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation using state of the art advanced laser technology. Contact us for a free consultation to begin your transformation.


Our technology allows for safe treatments on all skin types and for tattoos of all colors. The results shown are actual patients of Morphd. Results may vary based upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, age of the tattoo, type of tattoo and ink, placement of the tattoo, skin type and color of tattoo.




Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are made up of tiny ink particles trapped deep in the skin and were once nearly impossible to remove. Now, Morphd can help make your unwanted tattoo a thing of the past. Morphd's advanced technology enables our laser technicians to treat the full spectrum of ink colors. Tattoos will gradually lighten with each treatment session. Most tattoos require between 5-16 treatments; however, our technicians will recommend a treatment regimen based on your individual circumstances.

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Skin Rejuvenation

The effects of aging begin earlier than you may think. After the age of 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen each year. When combined with the cumulative effects of sun exposure, those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots are inevitable. However, we can help you defy the effects of aging. RevLite is a non-ablative laser that uses pulses of light to gently deliver energy to your skin. Using proprietary PhotoAcoustic technology, RevLite targets and removes unwanted discolorations including freckles, sunspots, and age spots. Known to have the added benefit of gently heating the surrounding tissues, a laser facial also results in collagen stimulation, which combats the natural decline in collagen production and gives your skin a smoother texture, more even tone, and decreased pore size. Skin Rejuvenation is an affordable, NO downtime procedure and allows patients to resume normal activity immediately after treatment. Our experienced technicians can recommend a treatment schedule that’s right for you.



RevLite SI

The RevLite SI is the industry standard for tattoo removal and other aesthetic treatments. It uses PhotoAcoustic Technology, which shatters the target molecule including tattoo removal, pigments, or collagen, without damaging the surrounding skin. The RevLite SI uses the flat-top beam profile which disperses heat evenly, reducing the chance of injury to the skin. In addition, this laser has the ability to do full color spectrum tattoo removal due to the 4 wavelengths available; 1064, 532, 585, and 650. This laser is 60% more efficient and powerful than early models and uses nanosecond pulse dispersion making treatment safe for all skin types, powerful, and extremely effective. The RevLite is an excellent choice for treatment and has been clinically tested and refined for over a decade. Learn More


Q-switched Alex TriVantage

The Alex TriVantage’s proven performance of the 755 nm, Q-switched Alexandrite Laser-Pumped-Laser technology is renowned for it’s superior ability to treat hard to remove green & blue inks. This gentle yet effective laser has the ability to treat a wide range of skin tones and ink colors, making it a great choice for almost every patient. Learn More


Zimmer Cryo 6

Morphd strives for patient comfort with the Zimmer Cryo 6 (Medical Cooler). This device ensures comfort during treatment by cooling the skin prior, during, and after treatment. Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo 6 decreases the skin temperature quicker, with less risk of skin burns, keeping a constant dosage throughout the entire treatment time. Learn More

Our Team

Mary Bonge

GM, Certified Laser Tech

Mary has been in the medical aesthetic industry since 2013. Since joining Morphd in 2015, she has performed over 4,000 laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. Mary moved to St. Louis with her husband and their twin daughters in 2013.

Mindy Beck

Certified Laser Tech, Licensed Medical Esthetician

Mindy has been in the medical aesthetic industry since 2005. She previously performed laser tattoo removal treatments and many other laser services at a medical spa located in Tennessee. Mindy joined the staff at Morphd in 2019 as a certified laser technician and licensed medical esthetician after moving back to the St. Louis area.

Kaylyn Schulenburg

RN, BSN, Certified Laser Tech

Kaylyn began working for Morphd as a certified laser technician in 2016. She graduated from Lutheran School of nursing in June 2017 and earned her BSN in 2018. While not at Morphd, Kaylyn works as a registered nurse for a local hospital.

Lisa Young

Certified Laser Tech

Lisa began working for Morphd as a certified laser technician in May 2015. She is certified on both of Morphd’s lasers for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Lisa and her husband Joe are both St. Louis natives and welcomed their first child in 2018.

Mary Covington


Mary has owned Morphd since April 2018. She is committed to providing expertise and cutting edge technology in laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation to the St. Louis area. Mary lives in St. Louis with her husband, three sons, and her dog.

Questions & Answers

Laser tattoo removal is charged per treatment. The cost of each treatment is primarily determined by the size of the tattoo but other factors such as colors and layering may also affect the price of each treatment. You can pay as you go or purchase a package of treatments at a discounted price.
A laser tattoo removal treatment feels similar to having a rubber band snapped against your skin. We use a specialized cooling system called the Zimmer Chiller to cool the skin with forced cold air which helps make the treatments more comfortable. Ice packs are also available by patient request.
Treatment time depends primarily on the size of the treated area. A tattoo the size of a credit card can be treated in as little as a minute.
Typically, treatments are scheduled six to eight weeks apart. This gives the body’s lymphatic system time to carry away and dispose of the ink particles that have been broken up by the laser. At certain points during the treatment process, your certified laser technician may recommend a longer break between treatments in order to let the body heal and dispose of the unwanted ink.
During your initial free consultation, one of our experienced certified laser technicians will estimate the number of treatments that will be necessary to completely remove or fade your tattoo. Factors that will affect the number of treatments you will need include, but are not limited to; your skin type, age of the tattoo, placement of the tattoo, color of the tattoo, and depth/layering of the tattoo.
We have two different lasers which enable us to treat all colors of inks and skin types safely. For more detailed information about our lasers, click here.
Yes! Our lasers have extreme accuracy which allow our certified laser technicians to treat and remove the unwanted part of a tattoo.
At this time, we do not treat permanent makeup tattoos but we continue to research the evolving technology available.
Minors may be treated with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
Yes, we offer a 10% discount to all active military members.